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Financial Planning & Advisory Services

Palisade’s array of family office services complements our investment management strategy and addresses your financial planning and advisory needs.

Additional Services

At the request of our clients, we are available to serve in individual trustee roles. Additionally, we offer stand-alone financial planning and guidance for non-investment management clients.

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Financial Planning

Palisade understands that financial decisions are complex, and your well-being and comfort are important to you. Our client relationship team’s financial planning process begins with an in-depth analysis of your financial situation, priorities, and goals that include the following components:

  • Retirement

    We help you to achieve a successful retirement by aligning your retirement goals with your financial resources and determining your needs throughout your lifetime.

  • Cash Flow

    We conduct an analysis of your current and future cash flow needs. Understanding these expectations, and the associated tax ramifications, allows Palisade to customize an investment portfolio to efficiently support your goals.

  • Family Gifting and Wealth Transfer

    We provide guidance on your annual and lifetime family gifting plans to ensure that your family’s legacy is preserved, and your wealth is efficiently transferred to future generations.

  • Charitable Giving

    We understand the different strategies available and help you build a customized plan that best supports your charitable giving wishes.

  • Social Security, Medicare, and Pension

    We simplify the complexities of Social Security, Medicare, and Pensions and provide guidance on how to maximize the benefits available for your situation.

  • Education

    We help you establish education savings plans and gifting strategies that support your children and grandchildren’s education expenses.

Financial Advisory

Integrated with your financial planning services, Palisade partners with you and your advisors to provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Tax Strategies

    We provide you with investment, income, and trust tax planning guidance to assist your CPAs in the completion of your tax returns. Our high-quality long-term investment strategy, combined with a disciplined tax-loss harvesting process, helps manage and minimize capital gains tax.

  • Estate Planning

    We ensure that your family’s estate and legacy goals are understood and addressed to preserve your wealth and minimize taxes across generations. We work closely with your attorneys to ensure that your estate planning documents are completed and implemented.

  • Banking and Debt Management

    We help you establish connections with cost-effective lending options that meet your short-term and long-term financing needs.

  • Trust Advisory

    We assist with your trust education, administration, distributions, tax issues, and asset transition. We also provide clarification on the different types of trusts, structural complexities, and beneficiary status.

  • Risk Management and Insurance

    We review and analyze your insurance coverage to ensure that your family and assets are protected.

  • Family Education

    We create and host customized family meetings that foster financial education and harmony. We also offer education and planning for the next generation.

Additional Services

We offer financial services that can be independent from our fee-based services:

  • Individual Trustee

    Palisade partners currently serve as individual trustees, co-trustees, or successor-trustees. Upon client request, they are available to serve in these additional roles.

  • Financial Planning

    We offer comprehensive financial analysis and planning for multi-generational families, individuals, and business owners. Financial planning is part of our comprehensive family office services but is also available as a stand-alone service.

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